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We provide a variety of field services to meet your needs. You can scroll down the page or jump right to a specific product by clicking on the appropriate link to the right side of the page under FIELD SERVICES MENU.

Our team of highly skilled, OEM trained technicians utilizes the latest in hand held analyzers to conduct many type of on site analytical services at your facility. Predictive Maintenance Programs on any type of equipment can greatly reduce your maintenance costs by eliminating sudden catastrophic failures of your operating equipment. Our service eliminates unexpected failures, lost production, and will give you better control of your maintenance budget dollars.

- Vibration Analysis
- Motor Current analysis
- Operating Deflection Shape Analysis
- Infrared Temperature Readings
- Oil Sampling
- Laser Alignment
- Thickness testing

Daman Industrial Services, Inc. team of trained technicians will utilize non-destructive methods each based on a particular scientific principle to check for cracks, voids, and inclusions. These techniques may lend themselves especially well to certain applications and be of little or no value at all in other applications. Therefore choosing the right method and technique is a very important part of the performance of Non-destructive testing. Our strength is in our experience, let us show you how to utilize this technology to eliminate unnecessary down time from component failure.

- Liquid penetrant testing (PT or LPI)
- Magnetic Particle Testing (MT or MPI)
- Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
- Acoustical Impact Testing
- Shafts
- Machined parts
- Casting and forgings
- Frames
- Pressure vessels
- Storage tanks
- Welds
- In plant piping

Small rotating machines are often badly aligned. Daman Industrial Services, Inc. has trained technicians who can solve that problem on small ANSI pumps and mixers or large high-energy critical rotating equipment. Today most maintenance departments have been downsized and spend much of their time addressing unscheduled problems that soaks up their human capital. Laser Alignment is a valuable tool that can have huge paybacks. The objective of precision shaft alignment is to remove destructive forces that cause premature bearing failure and reduce seal life. Let Daman show you how to save your precious maintenance dollars with precision Laser Alignment.

- Pre-Alignment run-out checks
- Rough align with scales and indicators
- Correction of obvious soft foot
- VibrAlign Lasers
- Horizontal/Vertical corrections
- Compound moves
- Precise Alignment achieved virtually every time
- Improved run times between failures

Since 1953 Daman Industrial Services, Inc. has performed high precision balancing at and from our East Brady facility. Our vast experience with a wide variety of rotating equipment and our state of the art equipment gives use a distinct advantage over most balancing shops. We offer precision balancing on rotating components and/or complete assemblies. We design and manufacture balance tooling for production balancing or just one part at a time.

On site precision Dynamic Balancing can also be done at your plant when removing a rotor or piece of equipment is not possible. Simply call us and well balance as the machine is operating. The addition or removal of weights can be done by welding, bolting and/or drilling. Satisfactory balance can be achieved to keep you equipment up and running with a minimum of disruption.

Find out why Daman is the favored supplier of custom balancing service to so many Municipal, Technology, Utility and Industrial clients. Our high quality customer service, experienced staff, and our Can Do attitude team up to give you the best in balancing service.

- In shop balancing up to 15,000 lbs
- Individual components
- Assembled rotors
- ISO Specifications
- Mil. Spec 167
- Ounce inches, Gram inches, or Standard displacement
- Specialized Balancing Tooling
- On site Dynamic Balancing


Since 1953, Daman Industrial Services, Inc. Field Service Supervisors and Millwrights have been providing expert service and repair on rotating equipment in all industries from General Industrial Factories up to high-energy applications in Power Plants. This includes start-up support, installations, on-site repairs, troubleshooting, and problem solving. We offer comprehensive on-site correction solutions with your schedule in mind, whether planned or unplanned. Let us take the lead in keeping your equipment running. Skilled Supervisors to guide your people and/or factory trained Millwrights on complete turnkeys; we can handle any situation from start to finish.

- Experienced Service Supervisors
- Factory trained Millwrights
- Equipped Tool Trucks
- Field Overhauls
- Bearing and Seal replacement
- Complete turnkeys
- Vibration Analysis
- Laser Alignments
- 24 Hours availability
- Emergency Service

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    Non-destructive Testing
    Laser Alignment
    Dynamic Balancing
    Field Service Supervisors &

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